Emergency Preparedness Consultant/Circuit Rider Program


To support the need for time and capacity to develop emergency action and business continuity plans, the PAR project hosts an Emergency Preparedness Consultant/Circuit Rider program that works directly with performing arts organizations on a local level, provides training, consulting, advice, and guidance to staffs, Boards, and volunteers. These “Circuit Rider” consultants support all aspects of emergency preparedness, from risk and needs assessment through creation of continuity of operations and disaster response plans, on-site training workshops & exercises, and information resources for response during emergencies. These twelve-month consultant positions are hosted by local organizations. Two consultants are currently working in local areas and four more areas will be identified for 2018-2019 consultancies.    

The two 2017/2018 Emergency Preparedness Consultants are Ellen Korpar (Ellen.Korpar@sos.nj.gov), who covers New Jersey and works in conjunction with the New Jersey State Council on the Arts; and Stephanie Petcavage (spetcavage@ica-artconservation.org), who covers Ohio and works in conjunction with the Intermuseum Conservation Association (ICA) - Art Conservation. Please contact them directly with any queries about their work in these two states.

If your organization is interested in hosting an Emergency Preparedness Consultant for your area, please contact the PAR Director, Tom Clareson, at Tom.Clareson@lyrasis.org.