Grants for Existing Emergency Response and Support Networks

Twelve (12) grants of up to $7,500 will be awarded for projects to support the integration of performing arts organizations into existing support networks for emergency planning and response. Funding may be used for consultants and/or speakers, meeting expenses, and travel.

Request Amount – up to $7,500

Application Deadline – Rolling Deadline: submit between October 16, 2017 and June 30, 2018

Length of Project – Projects may begin no earlier than January 1, 2018 and must be completed in 12 months.

Applicant eligibility requirements:

  • Network must include a cultural heritage and a performing arts organization as co-leads of the project.
  • Network must have a two-year track record of offering disaster preparedness education within the arts and culture community.
  • Leadership of the applicant organizations must endorse the application.

Funding restrictions - grant funds may NOT be used for the following:

  • Overhead or indirect costs
  • Expenses incurred prior to the award of the grant
  • Construction or capital expenses
  • Lobbying or political activity.

Examples of eligible use of grant funds:

  • Travel
  • Meeting expense
  • Consultant fees
  • Training
  • Acquisition/subscription of planning tools

Criteria for Review of existing emergency response and support networks

  • Plan of work is reasonable and appropriate to achieve the applicants’ and network’s emergency preparedness goals.
  • Budget is appropriate and justified by the plan of work.
  • Applicant organizations demonstrate sound operations and management and community engagement.
  • Network track record indicates the ability to create replicable programs and services.

Download the grant application form here.