In-Person Classes

The Performing Arts Readiness project offers these workshops live to interested organizations. Please contact Tom Clareson, PAR Project Director, at to schedule one of these classes.  Thanks to the support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, these classes are available to sponsoring organizations free of charge.

  • Introduction to Emergency Preparedness for Performing Arts Organizations: Localized emergencies, regional disasters, and catastrophic events can have a devastating impact on performing arts organizations where even a brief loss of business can threaten sustainability. This session provides an introduction to why emergency preparedness is critical to protect your organization from external risks and internal vulnerabilities, including human-caused and natural crises. You will learn the typical process and contents of a plan, and receive information about resources to help with planning.  This class is appropriate for attendees representing large and small performing arts organizations as well as those with and without their own performance facilities. Executive and management staff will find this webinar useful, as well as H.R., finance, communications, marketing, technical, and front-of-house staff.
    • Time: 3 hour or 6 hour (with interactive exercises) versions available
    • Instructor Teams: Tom Clareson/Ellen Korpar; Steve Eberhardt/Janet Newcomb
  • Building Disaster Response Networks: This workshop focuses on the development of networks and partnerships between arts organizations, cultural heritage institutions, and the emergency preparedness and response sector.  Case studies of successful networks such as the Pennsylvania Cultural Resilience Network and Culture Aid in New York City are presented to help guide you on how to start your own, or join an existing cooperative disaster network.  You will learn how to use the Cultural Placekeeping Guide to direct your networking efforts.
    • Time: 3 hours
    • Instructors: Tom Clareson, PAR and Amy Schwartzman, FEMA and PAR Consultant
  • Disaster Risk Assessment for Performing Arts Organizations:  What are the risks, hazards, and vulnerabilities that could cause an emergency or disaster for your organization?  This session will provide background on emergency preparedness and risk assessment, and help you identify potential hazards in your operations and facilities.  Focusing on how to mitigate risk, the class also provides a head start on disaster planning, and resource information as you assess your own organization.  Includes several exercises.
    • Time: 3 or 4 hours
    • Instructors: Tom Clareson or Janet Newcomb, PAR
    • Full-day (6-hour) Class in Development
  • Business Continuity Issues for Performing Arts Organizations: How can you stay open, or reopen quickly after an emergency or disaster?  This session provides emergency management basics, and looks a business continuity issues including staying open and protecting your investments.  Providing information on emergency response basics, the class also provides a variety of resources for business continuity planning.
    • Time: 3 hours
    • Instructors: Tom Clareson and/or Ellen Korpar
  • Coming Soon: Disaster Response (3 or 6 hours); Protecting Your Assets:  Managing Legacy Materials for Performing Arts Organizations (3 hours); Community Recovery through Arts and Culture (3 hours).