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The Performing Arts Readiness (PAR) project realizes that lack of time, capacity, and expertise are major barriers to emergency preparedness planning for most performing arts organizations and has awarded a series of three types of grants to address these concerns.

Support networks for emergency planning and response exist in many local communities and states, but generally do not include performing arts organizations. Coordination through networks enables arts and heritage organizations to work together to share expertise and resources, mobilize response for mutual assistance during emergencies, and engage collectively with first responders and government emergency management agencies. The PAR project awarded four grants of $15,000 each to support the creation of networks that include performing arts organizations and six grants of $7500 each to support the expansion of existing networks to include performing arts organizations.

Grants of up to $7250 were awarded to forty-one individual performing arts organizations to provide expertise, training, and tools to create for the creation of institutional emergency preparedness or Continuity of Operations (CoOP) plans.

These organizations received grants to expand existing emergency networks include:

These organizations received grants to start new emergency networks:

These performing arts organizations that received emergency preparedness planning grants:

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